Limited prints on canvas with true artistic value

Art today

We live in peculiar times. With Covid restrictions and the newly developed dependency on technology, it's easy to forget what we used to do as a society. We said goodbye to the gatherings, to all live events, to our old habits. Everything went online, so is the industry of art. But whether it's attendance at exhibitions or visiting an online store, paintings can still be pricy to the majority. We understand the struggle to purchase a work of art that is beyond one's budget. Some people buy pixels art for millions but the materiality of art pleases our senses differently. Most experts will tell you not to buy art for profit, but for passion, because it’s almost impossible to predict what society will value in 5 years, let alone 30 or 50. That’s why the NFT boom is tricky - because it has people thinking “money is the art.” Every person has the inner instinct to collect, amass, to possess beautiful things. Nevertheless, an average art lover doesn't have the profit to become a collector. We proudly present to you our affordable and high-quality collection of limited original prints on canvas, signed by the artist and certificated with Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

The birth of Amass Art

Amass Art is the product of a simple revelation. At one of the exhibitions of Svetoslava Georgieva, I met with many visitors from around the world. The exhibition was a true success. The art pieces were astonishing and perfectly arranged. I admired her works and imagined many of them in my home, overwhelmed by the irrefutable techniques she presented. But buying is a decision uneasy to make, hence I left solely with the fantasy of possessing an original painting.
This is exactly how the idea behind Amass Art was born. If a painting is expensive because it's one unique piece and has the signature of the artist, then how can the price go down, but the authenticity to remain preserved? The technology of printing allows the multiplication of the artwork, and by sticking to a certain number of prints, they become a limited collection. The final assurance of its authenticity is the hand-written signature of the artist. Certificated original art pieces at affordable prices few people can have.
I contacted Svetoslava right away to discuss the making of the collection and we agreed on the production of 50 original canvas prints of one image, all personally signed by her. After our conversation, I meditated on what's truly valuable to an artist. True artists do not solely strive to sell, but to become more recognizable. The prints, curated by the artist, contribute to reaching as much visibility as possible.


Our company addresses everybody with love for art, even still undiscovered. We reckon art should be accessible to everyone anywhere. Amass Art is a team of young and progressive people whose aim is the support of new artists. Why should artists strive for popularity and acknowledgement their whole lives within a market with a mostly selected audience? Turns out there're a lot more artists than art buyers. Canvas prints with the artist's signature and Certificate of Authenticity are a game-changer. The artworks have the value of original paintings, but have several copies and reach a wider clientele.
Amass canvases are carefully stretched, varnished, and framed. We have chosen only two sizes, but will eventually consider more. The frames are wooden in black or white and every Amass artwork has its own number of copy and Certificate of Authenticity. And sure, we fulfill special orders also. Our concept is to disseminate fine art at reasonable prices and give our customers the alternative to buy art pieces from different periods of the artist, some of which already have their owners.

Art is to be recognised

Our products are embody modern visual art. Authentic artworks should be affordable to anyone with interest, valuable art has to be sought, possessed, and passed on. How do you choose which piece to buy when you fancy all 10 of them, but could only afford 2 for the next decade? You don't have to anymore. It's just old-fashioned to buy a painting once in your lifetime and have the same wall art for decades. Collecting art should be easy, accessible.

A drawing is not only the expression of the artist but also a sum of his professional and personal experience. Each piece of art has its own voice and mood. Amass Art prints each have short stories of how they were first created and what was the artist's initial interpretation of the art piece. Еxciting is the relationship between the painting and the viewer - art speaks to its viewers differently, and abstract art has a lot tot tell. Even if this is completely new for you and you have no experience in buying art, the canvas prints are thoroughly described, details are photographed and we constantly work on improving your experience, thus making the purchase of your favourite canvas prints easy and pleasant.

Amass Art's main artist Svetoslava Georgieva

Our company has chosen Svetoslava Georgieva as a main artist, but we will provide works of other artists in the future. Svetoslava has captured our attention with her educated and innovative approach. She creates abstract and contemporary masterpieces that captivate not only skilled collectors and painters, but also unexperienced art lovers. Her mature works of art are evocative and intriguing, and canvas prints are a possibility for her talent to reach more people.